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Ok just to start – because I would really love to get all the details down the time but that will take some time.

Itinerary: 13 days….London 3 nights, Bath 1 night, Cardiff, Pembroke (for the ferry - very late at night), Wexford, Waterford, Cork 1 night , Dublin 3 nights, Holyhead, Chester, York 2 nights, London then home.

Weather – Sunny, bit cloudy, only 3 days of rain.

Modes of transportation: Plane, Train, Subway, Buses, two ferries and what seemed like a fortnight of walking. My feet were dying at day one. I bought 2 pairs of shoes to lessen the pain somewhat. I’m just about perfect for such an excursion now.

Museums, etc: V&A, Garden Museum, Thames boat tour London, British, Roman Baths, Cardiff Castle, Waterford Treasures – with cool Viking stuff, Guinness Brewery, Temple Bar, Trinity College & Book of Kells, Phoenix Park, Dublin Zoo, The GPO, Barley Hall, Clifford’s Castle, York Castle Museum, York Brewery, Roman bath in York, York walking tour.

Shopping: York was the best where I got a Kipling Purse and Tim picked up a new hat and scarf. I also made friends with a bookseller who specializes in architecture and garden history there. Yes, she ships to Canada. The gift shops weren’t as good as we hoped but we still came home with a few nice books and trinkets.

Pubs….I have a list somewhere… Let’s just say the subtitle to this whole trip is now The World’s Longest Pub Crawl. Cork was the most fun when others started buying us drinks. For those not in the know…Cask ales rock. We also ate a lot of Italian food. The BEST-evah!!! tomato sauce can be found in a little Italian place next to the Kilmainham Jail above the Patriot Inn. They wouldn’t give me the recipe.

Hotels: Lovely. Very glad we sucked it up and sprung for the expensive Hilton in Dublin. It had a hot tub. My feet loved me.
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I love that I hang around with such clever, wonderful people. That is all....
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week what? 8, 9 )
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Joel Plaskett - A million dollars

"We’ll go out we’ll take no prisoners
Lonely love gotta leave it behind
We look like a million dollars
Every time they look at us, we'll blow their mind"
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I find this amusing...Hmmm, wonder why.. the psychologist in me is intrigued....

 - From The Big Bang Theory:
Leonard (to Sheldon, his roommate & leader of the science expedition): I don't think I can go to the North Pole.
Sheldon: Okay, Leonard, I know you're concerned about disappointing me but I want you to take comfort from the knowledge that my expectations of you are very low.
Leonard: Yeah, that's very comforting.
Sheldon: Comforting is a part of leadership. It's not a part I care for, but such is my burden.
(The Monopolar Expedition, Season 2, Episode 23)
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Quote from[ profile] justgemma17 : I saw a post about negative vs positive self-talk this week, and how women especially are pretty much programmed. So if you're reading this, I ask you all to think about 4 or 5 positive things about yourselves and either post them here or to your own LJ. Encourage everyone you know and love to start thinking lovingly and positively about themselves. We too often say things to ourselves that we would *never* say to anyone else - how wrong is that?!

To which I reply...

I am independent, intelligent and curious.
I can perform physically challenging tasks (ie - renovations).
I make friends easily and fully.
I am so thankful and appreciative for my wonderful husband.
I laugh often and well.

Now for the rest of you...
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Keri-Anne Lawton's Dewey Decimal Section:

708 Galleries, museums & private collections

Keri-Anne Lawton = 15891445213054 = 158+914+452+130+54 = 1708

700 Arts & Recreation

Architecture, drawing, painting, music, sports.

What it says about you:
You're creative and fun, and you're good at motivating the people around you. You're attracted to things that are visually interesting. Other people might not always understand your taste or style, but it's yours.

Find your Dewey Decimal Section at

Manyra Thorinsdottir's Dewey Decimal Section:

836 German letters

Manyra Thorinsdottir = 3145810858949450098 = 314+581+085+894+945+009+8 = 2836

800 Literature

Literature, criticism, analysis of classic writing and mythology.

What it says about you:
You're a global, worldly person who wants to make a big impact with your actions. You have a lot to tell people and you're good at making unique observations about everyday experiences. You can notice and remember details that other people think aren't important.

Find your Dewey Decimal Section at

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Update for week 2.  )
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On the twelfth day of Christmas, manyra sent to me...
Twelve sonohighpockets drumming
Eleven kristinewilsons piping
Ten yrsas a-leaping
Nine vikvikingssons dancing
Eight ethnowomans a-milking
Seven rectangularcats a-cooking
Six minyatas a-publishing
Five ula-a-a-a1066s
Four thorwulfssons
Three books
Two martinis
...and an avacal in a gann550.
Get your own Twelve Days:

In 2009, manyra resolves to...
Give up cooking.
Get back in contact with some old martinis.
Find a new avacal.
Go to the books every month.
Start a sca fund.
Eat more bork107s.
Get your own New Year's Resolutions:
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From [ profile] ya_inga

List the names of up to ten bands you

a) least suspect your f-list has heard of BUT that

b) you actually actively listen to on a regular basis. This is not a “show how many obscure band you know of”. You have to have listened to them within the past two months to qualify.

nyra's picks...
Underworld - Discovered them originally in grade 9. Seriously before they hit their Techno phase.
Ruby Blue - Scottish Band. Have worn through 3 copies of their CD in 5 years.
Philosopher Kings - I love that soul jazzy stuff, precursor to Joss Stone.
New Pronographers - especially with Neko Case.
Joe Grass - Picked up his CD after seeing him play at Stuart McLean concert. Easy blue grass. Young kid, young voice but so much emotion.
Shaye - a trio from the maritimes - Kim Stockwell, Damhnait Doyle, Tara McLean. Got the CD a few years ago for Christmas from Tim and it has a kick ass version of Crash Vegas' On and On
Barney Bental and the Legendary Hearts - He has a new career as a country star and recently a new album. But I love his early stuff. Saw him in concert for my 18th b-day...a long time ago...
Katie Melua - it's a good restaurant experience when I rush to my ipod, not even waiting to get home, to down load the music they were playing. Each and every song she does is good.
Ella - I do so love to sing along with Ella.
Beth Orton - She's kinda a smokier version of Neko Case

Mind you.. what I listen to at home is totally different than what's in the car.
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(un) Death-Match Presents: Vampire vs. Zombie

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Now, I've been fascinated by Carnivale in all it's recreations since I was a young girl - Rio, New Orleans, Venice, all of the above. That's where I want to be. Now that I consider it - perhaps the combination of ritual, tradition and flat out party is what attracts me. Or perhaps it was the music. I do remember waiting for them to announce who was playing down in Brazil, the way some wait for Glastonbury, SXSW or NXNE (just to give a good CDN plug.)

Anyway, as some of you may know this year's theme for the Grotto Party at Quad is indeed Carnevale. My suggestion from way back. So, as I mention before, it really break my heart at the thought of missing it. However, the possibility is not completely out of the question. Yet. I've survived my sales trips over the last three weeks, perhaps I can survive a night at the grotto.

So with that thought in mind, I'm hedging my bets and working on an outfit. I already have a dress (may need to take it in) and a mask. Now I just need a hat. Off to wander the internet for inspirations. Here's a bit of what I found.

Carnevale Wiki (not everything on the wiki is a lie, right?)
Carnevale di Venezia Photo Gallery
Italy tourist stuff on (there's a good photo gallery)
More in Venitian Carnevale
And not to forget places outside of Italy...

And just in case you were wondering "Italian dialects suggest that the name comes from the Italian carne levare or similar, meaning "to remove meat", since meat is prohibited during Lent"

I think we can assure you that we've removed all meat from the blender drinks & martinis....

unless, of course, a certain someone brings the bacon vodka....

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So I'm wandering around the website for the Military Museums in Calgary, looking to see if there is a date for the opening of their gift shop and came across their job postings.

Since I know a few students and more than one person interested in military matters I thought to pass this on...

Birthday Party Facilitator (interpreters)
Living History Players

Communications Assistant

Recruitment Assistant

Kinda wish I could play...

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In case you have nothing else planned for the weekend, the boy & I are having a few people over to learn how to make beer from the grains (not the kits.)  We will also have a tasting party for some of the beers we have made or bought recently. 

Anyone is welcome to come spend the day (night, weekend??) in the country. Drop me a reply if you need directions.
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