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I don't have a pumpkin. Despite the fact I was warned weeks ago that the pumpkin crops had been destroyed by a early cold snap, even though my one and only pumpkin from my own garden was lost to frost, I got cocky. I mean I live in pumpkin country for pete's sake! Last year, every second farm was selling pumpkins off an unmanned cart by their driveway. You picked the one you liked then popped a few bucks into a coffee can. I had bought so many, I ran out of carving design, not to mention the orange fingers. But this year? Nothing.

Not that we get a ton of kids. When you live in the middle of nowhere next to a town (pop.120) where most the kids ride an average of 1 hour on the bus to get to the school, we're not a popular destination.

Still, the boy did buy chocolate bars to give out so I thought I'd better decorate at least a bit - just to let the chil'ens know "get the good stuff here." Better decorate or have to eat all the Twix bars myself - and I've been very good this far. Thankfully, I had all I need...lights, scary cats, all manner of glow in the dark stuff & a flaming cauldron. We have such a fabulous yard - one year we'll do it right & have a kick ass party. Piss off the neighbours right.

But until then, I'm waiting for someone to show up, tonight. I wasn't here last year (think I may have been in Edmonton.) Came home just as the really scary scene in Psycho came on the TV and the last kids came to the door. The boy said there were about 15 trick or treaters so I'm hoping to go a few better - especially since we're not watching scary Psycho again. This year it's Shaun of the Dead.

And that in a nutshell is Halloween '07.

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