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When we last visited our intrepid travelers they had just boarded the ferry to Rosslare - at 2:45 in the morning.

The Isle of Innishmore was pretty nice, I would say nicer than the BC Ferries. We could have easily wasted the 4 hours in the lounge, at the casino or playing video games. But practicality  prevailed. We found a room of padded benches (a pub open during the day) and slept. Or tried to.

That night pinpointed the one thing I really disliked about the UK - the pop music. There was a TV in the room playing extended versions of  Kylie Minogue and anything similar. Don't get me wrong, one of my fave groups is Wet Wet Wet, the poppiest of pop bands. And it's not that the music being played now is overly horrific. But it is everywhere. I nearly cried when I heard "Cool for Cats" partly because it's a great song but also because it doesn't sample anything.

Anyway, we landed in Rosslare at 7:30, a bit later than expected as we were only running on one engine but full of coffee and slighted rested. Since there was no breakfast facilities in the ferry terminal we picked the first bus heading somewhat our way and shortly ended up in Wexford.  We walked about this pretty little town, wandering down the back roads until we found the medieveal walls (which for some odd reason we didn't get pictures of) before hitting the very cute cafe called "Nosh & Coffee. A lovely morning so far. 

We then caught the bus to Waterford, where we were happy to find the Treasures of Waterford Museum. It's housed in an old granery just off the waterfront. They were redoing some of the exhibits but the whole set up was pretty impressive, following a chronological path. They had a beautiful red silk & velvet Cap of Maintenance, that was a gift  from Henry VIII to the Mayor of Waterford in 1536. Yeah, I go late period for that, even if it's not really a girly hat.

After the Museum, we had lunch and a pint at the quaint  T&H Doolans  Then we wandered for a bit. This was the point for our possibly first tiff of the trip. Just a little one, where I didn't want to walk aimlessly anymore and he didn't want to head anywhere in particular. None of this was adequately communication so there was tension. In the end, we went back to the bus depot and sat there for 45 mins until the bus came. Not really anything to diminish my enjoyment of the town though.

Cork was our next destination where we would be staying the night. Tim had worked in Cork for a few months on an archeological dig at a golf course. He was pretty excited to go back. We were staying at the Victoria House Hotel on St. Patrick which was no where near the area Tim was familar with. Thankfully it's a small town, easy to walk. Our first stop was An Spailpin Fanach, one of the boy's old haunts. It was so wee and cute and he was very happy to see it still around. After a pint there and more walking, we hit the Franciscan Well Bewery.  Their Rebel Red was some of the best beer of the entire trip. We would have stayed longer but they didn't serve food - or we were getting sick of pub food by this point.

So we headed back to the island and found Luigi Malones, great italian food, good prices but the place was more like a conference hall than restaurant. It was huge inside, not at all cozy and really loud with quite a few tables of large parties. We were kinda confused as to what type of restaurant it wanted to be.

Now you would think after a crazy couple of days - trains, buses, overnight ferry and much walking, we'd be pretty much done for night. Not so. We actually made one more stop. At yep a pub. Some pub, some where. We're not sure the name but there was a lot of sports stuff around. The locals there started chatting and when they found out we were on our honeymoon they bought us a round of Harp & Guinness. It was a grand time. And now that I'm home we've narrowed down the Jim Cashman's Bar‎  or Dennehy's depending on how much we walked.

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