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In the morning, there's about a 50-50 chance I'll get up at the same time as the boy. Sometimes, I sleep right though until I have to make my way down the hall to log on for work. Thankfully, this morning was not one of those days. Both of us were awake after only one hit on the snooze button, awake and amused by our strange dreams during the night.

As he was getting started on his day, he looked outside just as the first snow flakes were falling. Not the wet pseudo flakes we've had before. The big fluffy flurries. The stuff I had been waiting for. Nothing was on the ground yet but it was coming. It was only 7 am and the temp was dropping. Less than one hour later, I had made coffee & bacon, watched the sun rise & the snow fall from my front and back windows (at the same time) and the boy was heading off to work. Time for the puppy & I to go outside to take some pictures.  So here they are... (link goes to my gallery - taken before 8am so it's still a bit dark sorry)

But for a bit of a tease... you may think that she luvs the snow but really it's the camera flash, still at least she's happy, my litte OCD pup...
Guinness in Snow

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We were a hands breath away from getting a very cool spring storm. The sky darkened over the course of an hour and as the drops of rain started, I could imagine the tempest about to come. I just got my laundry & the dog in when the blasted wind really picked up and pushed the rain clouds somewhere towards the hat. UGH! 

A spring rain would have been good for so many reasons - the boy would have been able to take a break from cutting the lawn, my garden needs it, I would have been able to stay inside and clean, the outside of the house needs a good washing to get rid of the dust, and lastly (and most importantly) rain now would make it less likely to rain during coronet.... 

again I say ugh.....

Anyways - off to make dinner. One of the boy's summer favourites Pasta salad with BBQ chicken -
Take some garlic, one onion, , one pepper, some carrots, broccoli, and what ever other veggies you got and lightly saute them with olive oil (mostly to take the sting off the onions).

Mix a packet of club house Creamy Pasta mix with vinegar, dill, milk and mayonnaise. (you can use the recipe on the mix packet) 

Cook four servings of Pasta - I use rotini and often cut the veggie in the same shape. Let the pasta cool and mix with veggies then mayonnaise mix. Let that sit for an hour and put some chicken on the BBQ. After that is cooked slice it up and mix it in with the pasta salad. Dish it out & eat up!

Well, that's it for now. Hope those of you going to crown have a fabulous time. We're off to a wedding Yippee!

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