manyra: (I talk now...)
Me: should be finishing my sales report & packing for E-town but am not.

The weekend: The first snowfall of the year. Not just any wimpy, melt as they land snowflakes. No, these were light, fluffy, landing in big lumps snowflakes. That meant I didn't get the leaves all picked up (although I made great progress on Saturday) but I did spend all day Sunday warm & cozy indoors. Call it nesting. I cleaned, re-arranged the living room, made plans for a fire place & built in bookselves, move the king size bed to our room, and started clearing out the spare bedroom for renovating.  Add some tasty dinners, football, and a finished seneschal's report to make for a very good weekend.

The Farm: Bright & sunny now...snow may be gone by the time I'm back on Friday.

The Farm Animals: Still here, not walking on two legs yet. No chance of taking over the world.

SCA: Another quarter of reporting done. The overall theme this time round is apathy:  how to get people involved, interested & active. While there are some success stories, seems we are not the only groups dealing with this. Someone posted a message on the same topic here. There's a few people I hope to chat with at pirates this weekend, that are getting pretty frustrated. We need to brainstorm. Oh also, I put in a request to the group to autocrat War Practice, hopefully planning can get started on that soon.

Work: Still so many things to do before conference at the end of the month. In addition to the pricing issues, this fall is one of the busiest marketing-wise than I've ever experienced. Author events, special sales and media interviews - all mean I'm having problems finding time to actually see my customers. I leave very early tomorrow for my second last trip of the year north.

Reading, watching, Listening: I'm currently reading a Kate Bush bio & City of Words (Massey Lecture series). Nothing else really interesting right now.

Thinking On: Why people say one thing and do something completely opposite? I mean, really, what sort of short circuit occurs that makes someone think they can pay lip service to all things good and virtuous and not expect to be held to those same standards? Oh and it's time to start thnking of Christmas -  The boy wants toys this year - Legends of  Batman figures or old star wars stuff.

Upcoming: E-town (tavern!), Pirates Tavern (playtime!!), CFL western semi final (very excited!!!), Coronet (road trip with Katrina!), Toronto (conference) & Sudbury  (with my own personal party planners!) Yeah, just a bit excited about this month...

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