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Sep. 24th, 2008 08:07 am
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This says it all:

A mama polar bear is out in the stream fishing, while her son is playing on the bank. After awhile, the baby polar bear comes over to his
mother and says, "Mom, what kind of bear am I?" to which she replies "You're polar bear, son." "Okay," he says and returns to the bank to play.
In a little while he comes back over and says, "Mom, what kind of bear am I?"

"Why, you're a polar bear, son." "Hmmm...," say the baby, "okay." And off he goes to play.

A little more time goes by and the baby polar bear comes back and says, "Mom, are sure I'm a polar bear?" "Yes," the mama polar bear replies, "I'm sure you're a polar bear. Why don't you believe me?"

"'I'm cold!" exclaims the baby bear.

Now -
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My goals for this week are simple. Finish a pressing task for work, can some salsa & mint jelly, dig a hole, keep the mess inside to a minimum and try to not to kill the boy while he's home for holidays.

Today being Wednesday, I think so far..I'm winning.

Thanks to our visitors last weekend a clean house is pretty easy to maintain. Dishes, laundry and floors all kept in line. There was a brief scare yesterday when the kitchen sink started leaking. One of the plastic connectors underneath broke at a glued section. I had to cut/pry/beg the broken part loose and almost gave up but once I realized we had lots of replacement parts it all went back together fine. Making me very happy - since many of my goals relied on a kitchen sink.

The work thing is for a customer who sells to schools & daycares via their catalogue. This means I have to review all the titles we featured last year for sales, price changes and in stock status. I, then, have to suggest any new titles for their upcoming year - including catalogue copy and images. In all, it requires checking our inventory system for about 200 individual titles, a crap load of cut and paste and about 100 emails. Every year, I ask if there's an easier way, and every year I get ignored. While I do like the inventory system, it's not the best software I've worked with. Plus it's not really designed to handle retail, more like individual shipments to teachers. But they are making progress with our demands. So I really cannot complain.

Anyway, I think I'm pretty much done the 2008 titles and oh so close to finishing the 2009 titles. Just have to confirm which ones the customer wants and request the images. The catalogue get mailed in Feb. Once again, I resolve to spead this task over the year & not leave it to do all at once in August 09. Yeah. Right.

With the work stuff on the back burner I woke up early to get canning before the heat of the day took over. 5 lbs of tomatoes on the cook for salsa and 4 lbs of apples went into mint jelly. It was my first attempt at preserves. And yes. It was a lot of work. But it was 2 jars of the bestest salsa ever and 1 jar of dreamy jelly. I'm very pleased. Now I'm waiting for some Lee Valley stuff to make tomato sauce with rest of the crop & the couple dozen jars I still have left. Note to self - buy smaller jars....

Yesterday, I managed to dig out some more of the flower bed against the house. Dug out rocks, dirt and tree roots. Actually dug down to the septic tank. Now all I have to do is find the output pipe from the house to the tank, figure out the where the roots are growing into it and clear out a section for the boy to fix it. That's for this afternoon.

As for killing the boy... well, that remains to be seen. Only came close once but it was quickly surpressed (related to the kitchen sink). He's home trying to clean the dugout. It's always been overgrown with willow and we can't have the foliage clogging our pump during the fall/winter. Every year the boy spends his evenings cutting it down (thankfully there's less and less each year) but he's actually taken time off this year to get it done at once. Seems to be working so far. But 12 hours of work makes him very tired as you can imagine.

On an upnote - the boy wants to go to Estrella. How cool would that be?????

So yeah, I win.
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Me: recouping very nicely at home.  Finally getting a moment for a nice rambling update.

Recent Adventures:Started two weeks ago... )
The Farm: In desperate need of a clean up when I got home. Inside - sweeping , dishes, filing papers, vacuuming, laundry & bathrooms. Outside - boy, is this a task or two. Many of the tomatoes are ripe & picked but I shall have to cover the remaining soon. There is still a bit of corn and beans to be picked (the boy even made corn meal!! too much effort for such a small amount) and the pumpkins/squash are doing fine (6 pumpkins, 5 acorns, etc....)  The potatoes aren't quite done yet (not for storage) but I dug some for Sunday dinner - to go with the lamb, along with the corn, beans & the homemade mint sauce.  This weekend we tried in part to do some of the following: haul away the excess branches the pines we cut down last year (dump run), fix the irrigation pipes to the ditches to water the trees before BRID shuts off our water, take cuttings of annuals, dig out the flower garden from the septic take to the house so we can replace the plumbing (I already called before I dug to get the nasty gas lines marked so it has to be done now!!),  work on the lawn tractor and get mower working, and watch baseball and spruce meadows jumping.

The Farm Animals: Cute & cuddly. They missed me. Cats are finding new places to sleep now that my side of the bed is occupied. The boy is still mad at the puppy but we're working on making her a happy traveler.

Reading, Listening, Watching: Discoverers,  Brad Turner Quartet & Piece of Cake. While I was in the hat at the Esplanade, the boy took me around the Heights of Fashion Exhibit from the Bata Shoe Museum - 500 years of shoes. Very cool and highly recommended.

SCA:  Ticking along fine. I pulled out my editor's/marketer's hat at the meeting on Wednesday. Someone brought a poster they wanted to hang around town that was created by another member who is reportedly a graphic designer.  Even seeing it from across the room I cringed. No white space, too many fonts, too much text and repeated sentences. Sentences over top of artwork! Granted the art work was nice but man, I felt like a heel for tearing it apart. But honestly the poster would not have worked at all. Hopefully he won't take the edits too personally. I'm assured he will.

Work:  In addition to previewing the Spring 09 titles at conference, I also received my year end review and bonus!! All good stuff!! Every year the review becomes more and more formal, looking at accomplishments & future goals. My five year milestone is coming up in November. Feeling pretty stable at this point. It will be better once I get my sales report done.

Thinking On: Yard work.

Upcoming: Lunch &Yard work. :-)

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Me: Taking a quick break before finishing my presentation for Monday. This break may or may not include a nap.

The Farm:  Almost record breaking heat. Thanks to the rain water we collected most of the flowers are still going strong. I just harvested my onions & romaine. The tomatoes are starting to redden and I have about 5 large pumpkins on the go. Grass is brown and not growing. The leaves are starting to fall - mostly because of the wind which has also brought down about 7 major poplar branches and bunches of little ones. At least the boy has some time before autumn to fix the lawn tractor. Some progress was made yesterday and after stopping in at the JD dealer today he should have some more parts to work with. He thinks it's either the spark plug or celonoid. Not getting the best of us yet. Cleaning up inside will have to wait until September.

The Farm Animals: Dumb. Just dumb. But I luvs 'em anyway.

Reading, Watching, Listening - most of my reading material is currently work related. But for some nice light listening pleasure - I will highly recommend Katie Melua. I was having a leisurely lunch at Twist in the hat and stayed through the entire album, Pictures, downloading it as soon as I got back to iTunes.  My favourite is What I Miss About You.

The SCA: slowly but surely getting my follow ups from the last month or so done. Will have more time while at conference to do email, mintues etc.  Wondering what the hell to wear to the luau at Baron's Howe.

Work: Slogging my way through the new samples of Spring 09 titles. There are some really great picture books and a few steller novels, even some historical. The main theme for novels seems to be Girl grows up and falls in love with her male best friend. Anyway, I have to present 3 titles and a recap of my sales territory. I usually do a power point to keep me focused and this time's no different. It should be done by today.

Thinking On: Packing & the Logistics of travel. I won't have the jeep or a rental this upcoming trip. Most of it's taken care of but I get back to Calgary late next Tuesday and have to arrange a crash space & a ride back to the hat on Wed. Also on the brain - our wonderful olympic athletes, LeiRoy Moore (the late Sax man from DMB), landscaping, fall plantings and spaghetti.

Upcoming: S'toon for g's going away, Sales conference in TO, Baron Howe's in Northern Ealdormere. Looking forward to all of it. Then it slows down for the rest of the year we have our local event, a few work trips, football in Regina, Coronet, and Christmas. A mentioned earlier, both of us cannot go to E-town for the boy's conference in Sept. What's really sweet is that the boy has offered to cancel the trip so I don't have stay alone at night. Not that I'm taking him up on it. I guess I have to face my fears sometime eh?

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Me: was headachy - advil & painkillers eventually kicked in. Gawd I hate being in a bad mood. Really, there's no reason to be. My recent trip to Calgary was lovely, Shannon did a fabulous job on my hair yesterday, the lunch with Nikki & Carmi is sure to be repeated (I hope!!)& I finally got my cool dresser & nightstand back! The only thing vexing me right now is the increasing pain spreading from my hip up to my neck and down to my knee. Totally my fault, tho. Last week, I had accupuncture and physio (both very helpful), set up an appointment for more & promised I would not drive long distances. This week, I skipped physio for trips to Calgary & the Hat so yeah, that would be me bad....Otherwise, my world pretty much rocks.

The Farm: I returned from Edmonton to a disaster area. Last Tuesday night's hail storm took out trees, slashed leaves in the veggie garden and flatten most of the tall perennials. The boy was devastated by the destruction of his first attempts at gardening. We spent the entire weekend burning fallen branches and raking up dead foliage. Not as much fun as going to Coronation but it would have been very mean of me to leave it all for the boy to clean up. Now, most of the plant life has bounced back - there's even a few tomatoes and flowers on the pumpkin vines. Elsewhere - except for occasional sweeping and shifting the piles of papers the interior has been completely ignored. Not yet sickened by the state but soon. Very soon.

The Farm Animals: Guinness got a very thorough bath while she was in the kennel and most of the skunk smell is gone. Just time to get her a new collar I think. One of the cats is throwing up more than usual - possibly Muse. No cat has shown any signs of distress so I blame them all for the extra laundry and floor cleaning I have to do. No Meercats for you....

Reading, Watching, Listening: After a lovely dinner with Bazz on Tuesday we tripped it downtown to see Mongol. Fabulous film. Lots of other people mentioned it - Not sure how accurate the story was but I will definitely look into it. Otherwise, it had great pacing, exciting fights and the actors were stunning (although I was distracted for the first bit trying to figure out who the actor playing Temudjin reminded me of - until I realized it was Gann. Something about the smile.) I've given up on Books On Fire, for now. Almost finished a History of Mistresses & a few chapters into Bonk! And people thought this sex thing was just a phase. And last - It's time for a Quad War play list - Old, New? Requests are being taken now....

SCA: It's starting - that excitement. I usually get it as I'm pulling onto site; My heart jumps and I can't sit still. I get to see most of you all in just 7 days. Gawd I've miss you... no doubt like everyone else, I have a shit load to get done, my costume (Demon, of course!!), beef jerky, other camp food. Class handouts!!  then it's 5 days of relaxing.  Have a few things to do before investiture but thankfully, nothing too strenuous...

Thinking on: Lost friends... although we did not talk everyday, you did/do play a big part in my life. Everyone we meet, we meet for a reason & we will not let you down.

Upcoming. At the risk of scaring you all... the list...Quad!!!!!!!!!, Investiture, G's Going away party in S'toon, Toronto for conference, Baron Howe's, Rhuddglyn's Event, FOOTBALL GAME!!!
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Me: trying to get back on to some schedule after a few weeks of kinda flying at break neck speed. There is a mass of piddlely little things I need to do before August, perhaps with a plan I'll stop procrastinating.

Previously: Mid June found me in Winnipeg with a lovely but brief stop in Regina to visit T&C and lounge on their new patio. The Peg was quite fun considering it was a work trip - highlighted mostly by a fantastic afternoon with the buyer from Toad Hall Toys at In Ferno's drinking wine and eating incredible French food.

Then last weekend was T&A WAR! Athelhelm & Boead drove down with me - must say they were great travel partners. And the event itself was wonderful (as everyone else had said). I really didn't do anything but cook & hang out but it's still really nice to be a part of this, the first of many wars, we hope. The only bad is realizing I don't have very good warm camping clothes anymore. Must work on that.

The Farm: Going through the blahs... )
The Farm Animals: Cats are not the great bug hunters they pretend to be. Guinness thinks the skunk is a long lost cousin since they are both black and white. Thank goodness for leashes. Yes, in addition to the bunnies we have a family of skunks with very cute babies hanging out near the windbreak. This is the first year we've had any consistent show of wildlife but luckily they're not too close. The black birds are keeping their distance too (mean little bastards) replaced by aerobatic western kingbirds & robins.

Reading, Listening, Watching: Although I took a few breaks to indulge in light summer reading. I'm still slogging through Books on Fire. It's a horrible translation from French. Wayyyyy toooooo wordy. I managed a few good audio books on the peg trip - Skylight Confessions by Alice Hoffman and Mistress of the Sun by Sandra Gulland (Josephine Bonaparte Novels). TV has mostly consisted of Blue Jay games & Gilmore Girls. And I highly recommend the new offspring cd....

Work: Like everything else lots of stuff to do...I was suppose to head to Kelowna on Saturday for a bookfair but not enough of my customers were going to merit such a long trip. Must arrange some time in E-town & Cowtown to make up for it. The next sales conference is set for Aug 25-27 in TO - gives me the weekend after to attend Baron's Howe up north.

SCA: At a turning point. I can feel it. Productive discussions, growing excitement, more involvement, great events... things are going good.

Health: Many of my friends & family are having serious health issues which is the poo. but I am sending healing thoughts your way. I started this summer off on a high note. Landscaping is an awesome why to lose weight & build muscle. Then, the hip pain kicked in. It's like a pinched nerve between my pelvis & leg bone. I'm also having problems with a swollen hand, carpal tunnel & sleeping - waking up for a few hours each night around 3am for the last month or so. I have a doctor's appointment in Taber next Thursday with someone new because my regular doctor is on Mat leave. I didn't like this new doctor when I saw him for the bronchitis just before we went to Belgium but we'll see...

Thinking on: can't stop to think, cats will think it's time for them.

Upcoming: Next weekend is free - one of two until Sept. There Fernie, Coronation, Brooks Demo, Quad, free weekend, Investiture, Sales conference, & Baron's Howe. Oh. My.
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Me: Recovering from a great weekend. Hard work during the day, relaxing at night and finally a wonderful sleep. Now? We shall try to focus on the week ahead. I shall not be distracted by the pretty outdoors...

The Farm:

The Farm Animals: The dog is outside watching for rabbits. And the cats have taken over the bed and have not be seen for most of the day.

Reading, Watching, Listening: Taking a break from Books on Fire to read Garden Spells. Good summer read. If you like Alice Hoffman you will like this although the plot is very similar to Practical Magic. Anyone want a go? Hot early summer nights is also a good time to watch Two Pints of Lager but we really need more than just the first season. Or we ignore the telly completely and I turn on Tonic.

SCA: Coronet's coming up. Review laws. Fix armour (find my demis!!) then war & war. I'm really trying for July coronation but there's this thing with a library that may kibosh the idea.

Work: Fiscal year end, sales report & the start of the fall season. I really should be doing more....but if anyone in Edmonton is in need of a job & really knows their kids books let me know....

Thinking On: Nothing overly precious. More plans for the yard. Brew house anyone?

Upcoming: Work, gardening & events.
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Me: My sanity & my house thanked me for staying home this weekend. I can't imagine trying to do everything today. Although I do know what kind of fun I missed so hopefully I'll get to see some pics soon.

The Farm: In very good shape even though Sunday was the only decent day to be outside. There just 2 areas still covered in leaves and the flower beds are cleaned. A bit of greenery popping up already - flax, sedum, phlox (invasive pain in the bottom!), columbine, catmint and  anemone. Nothing needs divided right now but there are a few plants I am concerned about which may need some TLC when I return.  The seedlings may be ready to move outside by then but that relies on renting a sod lifter and picking a trailer load of dirt to extend the beds. Yes, I have a plan... As for inside the house? I finally washed the floors and tackled the basement which still had the remnants from the reno - sawdust, cutoffs and the like.

The Farm Animals: Losing their winter coats at an alarming rate. Perhaps the kennel will take pity on us & give Guinness a bath. Mom's already been told she's not allowed to take Muse in for a haircut, or buy them a new scratch pad.

SCA:  Reporting time. Not sure when I'll be out to play again. Today I'm finishing an article for the newsletter on branch websites. People have been wonderful in helping me on that.

Work: On holidays until the 21st.  which reminds me to change my voicemail.  The trip to Jasper has been nixed due to silliness but that leaves a bit of time to stop in Calgary & Edmonton to check up on accounts before I head to Toronto in May (and before fiscal year end!!).

Reading, Watching, Listening: Still reading & loving Lies of Locke Lamora, have enjoyed the recent airplay of the Juno nominees but didn't get to watch the awards on TV. :-( 

Thinking on: I'm trying to ignore the desire to work in the garden. Too early.

Upcoming:  Belgium!!! The basic itinerary is set. We leave tomorrow night, stop over in London, Arrive I think Wednesday afternoon. My first overseas flight and I'm slightly nervous.  We drive directly to Ieper, where Tim heads to museum on Thursday to hopefully unpack the artifact. (read more about it!) I'm thinking I'll jump on a train to Kortrijk.

If all goes well, we will have the Saturday onward free to ourselves. We'll wake up early, drive into France, stop for breaky and catch the train into Paris, stopping at the National Museum of the Middle Ages. After dinner, we'll drive to Chartres to spend the night. Sunday  we'll head up to Bayeux & follow the Norman coast back to Belgium.  No plans for the rest of the week. So very cool!!
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I am: Still undecided. I haven't been this torn in a long, long time. I know. It is silly of me to be pouting after I decided not to go to Winter War. To know that there will always be another war and someone will certainly take pictures. To know that there is _plenty_ to keep me busy here &  my lungs will probably thank me in the end. But , I mean, I haven't left the farm in 3 weeks!! I miss people. Dammit.

Alright, yeah, it's all for the best. There are less than four days to get ready for our absence.  I could use the time home.

The Recent Past. Very boring. Wake up, drink coffee, email, phone calls, mail, play outside, make dinner, watch BSG or House. Read for a bit. Bed.  Still hampered somewhat by "stupid lung thing" but definitely better.

The Farm:  I have plans. Many many plans. Five acres allows for a lot of plans. Every spring I write them down in my gardening journal then promptly forget them. I haven't even had time to write anything down yet. BUT! some things are now off my list. I've been raking, burning & bagging leaves for the best part of the week now. The leaves of some 200 trees take awhile. We did a bit in the fall and now the major areas are almost done. I've been tempted on more than one occasion to cut down all of our poplars but they're the only thing between us and the neighbours. A necessary evil, I guess. The trees. Not the neighbours - that's what loud music & strange nocturnal activities are for. Yelling random things out the windows help....

The tree that caused the hoopla in the plumbing is now gone, cut down 2 weeks ago. Left an awful mess but some really good wood to burn when it's dry. It must have been some kind of fruit tree, considering how heavy the logs are, although it only bloomed once and not very well. Still all those bees we used to see there cannot be wrong. I'm very happy I don't have to deal with those outside my back door this year. Pics to come. very dramatic.

And as I'm sure you've been waiting to hear! The Laundry room is a hop, skip and a jump away from being done - almost. Lights, laundry, toilet & sink are all in & usable. No major leaks so far. Tiles all good. Mirror & accessories are still to come (when I find the kind I want - something classic, brushed nickle cheap, how hard is that, really?).  Then I need to build shelves ' cause honestly the layout sucks. Will not work with anything store bought. I? am not surprised but not really happy either.

The Farm Animals:
The black cats are at this moment digging their noses into my sweater that I was wearing at the fire pit.  It is hanging on the back of a chair (as often I do with my sweaters  - which annoys Tim to no end) so they have to stretch up to get inside. Opps. Balance? Not so good. Might want to run sideways up and down the stairs. They're very good at that.

SCA: :-(  Need to go out and play. Perhaps Silver Arrow. Otherwise I have to wait until May Days. Unless I can find a cheap flight to May Crown when I get back from TO. hmmmm....

Work: As of Monday I'm on holidays for two weeks. Two weeks after I get back I'm off to TO for conference. A few trips to Edmonton & Calgary in between. It's been an ok season so far but things always look up going into a new season.

Reading, Watching, Listening: Mostly reading lately. Finished Lords of the Bow (anyone want it?), Perilous Trade, and am currently trying to put down Lies of Locke Lamora. I am a huge fan of fast, detailed, violent, vulgar writing and this? does it pretty well. I even know exactly who should read it after.

Thinking on. Mopping the floor. My mother is taking care of the cats while I'm gone. The floor needs mopping. (Hi mom! hee hee!)

Belgium, Paris, Chartres, Bayeux and the Norman coast. Back on the 16th. Then Edmonton for Toy show. Later, return again up north for work. Then to Toronto. And,oh my goodness, hopefully some gardening.
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Me: Wondering who wants to go to the Zoo or the Junos with me in Calgary the first week in April.

The Last Trip: A Whirlwind....The few days I spent in Calgary were as close to perfect as can be: managed to hit quite a few stores, visited with Grandma, attended MG curia & whittled an afternoon away with Bazz. I had hoped to get everything needed for Investiture done at home on Thursday night but being easily distracted...*sigh*...that meant returning home after dropping the boy off in the hat to pack. Pushed it until the very last minute - getting back into town with only a few minutes left to drop off the dog & pick up the boy before heading to Edmonton. It was a nice little trip with way too many stops. We arrived at the hotel much later than expected, much more exhausted than expected. BUT! In the end that didn't stop us from turning into drunken monkeys. A fine celebration, indeed. A good start to the weekend. The event, post-rev & curia went pretty much as expected. Not enough time to spend with my friends. I cried during the knighting, as I do...must have been the lack of sleep. On the way home, I decided it was foolish to try the drive to Canmore Sunday. Woke up at OMG early Monday, drove 5 hours through the fog (should have only been 3 hours) and made it to the hotel just in time for my first appointment. The rest of the bookfair is just a haze as I am still recovering from the weekend. Again - did not do enough socializing.

The Farm: Still in state of chaos. Inside & out. Melting then freezing makes for icky walks. The lights are up & tiles are down in the laundry room just waiting for grout. Looks fantastic!! Pics should be up shortly. More cleaning to do.

The Farm Animals: Were very happy to see me last night. A nice welcome home. Almost makes up for the cats destroying my amaryllis.

Reading, Watching, Listening: Have set aside tonight to give Miss Terri's playlist a thorough listen. After just a brief look I'm pretty certain most if not all will make it on the iPod for this next trip. **whee!!** Went to see a movie for the first time in almost a year. I think the last one was 300. This go was Atonement. Which I loved. Some spots were very predictable but the overall storytelling & the ending totally makes up for it. I finished reading "The Dirt On Clean" - while it didn't really tell me anything I didn't know - it was very well written and entertaining.

SCA: Looking at the calendar for the next year, it seems our attendance will be diminished somewhat. The usual events - Spring champs & pillage have been dropped from the itinerary, and rest (Winter war & May days) depends on my work schedule.

Work: I think I have everything for the trip to the 'peg - samples, presentation, catalogues. Fingers crossed that the hwys are stay in good condition.

Thinking on: What a difference a year makes. No regrets. Although not everything turned out as I wished, I still know how very lucky I am.

Upcoming: Winnipeg. 'nuf said... at least after that it's WAR PRACTICE & the B-day celebrations!!
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Me: Feeling pretty darn good about this week & the upcoming long weekend.

The last trip: Again, I've been home for about 2 weeks now. The weather hasn't been good for travel but that doesn't mean I've been slacking.

The Farm:
One of three areas of focus, right now. Like everywhere, we've had our share of winds and snow. Woke up to the sound of something trying to tear the roof off again on Wednesday. (Impressively, when one considers it's a 30 year old roof & 60k winds are the norm here, it hasn't happened yet.) The snow that fell during the night was a nice soft pristine blanket erasing any traces of footsteps and landscaping features. It was pretty fun taking the dog for a walk, often falling up to my knees in the big drifts. But the roads were crap and the boy took a snow day from work.

Thankfully that meant he was able to work more on the laundry/bathroom. The drywall and sanding is now complete. I haven't been able to help as much as I would like. My lungs couldn't take the drywall dust so I hid in the bedroom while he was working. But now!! I can start painting. The primer goes on today; this weekend is the colour coat & the tile floor. Then, I get play with power tools & install the molding. Fixtures may even be in by Monday. I know!! There may be an end to this d*mn project yet! Provided the pedestal sink is fitted correctly. Already had to redo drywall for that one!

As an aside to the renos, everyone knows that drywall dust is impossible contain to the work area. We've been living under a fine layer of white dust for about a week now. Which in the end, actually is a good thing meaning...Spring cleaning comes early to the Hays House. Cupboard, closets, all vertical surfaces are slated for a good wipe down. Items will put away where they belong. Walls will be washed, artwork & windows windexed. Already the upper floor has been attacked and those big boxes of furniture (new leather chairs from home depot) that have been sitting in my kitchen for weeks are now emptied and recycled. Once the  washer & dryer have been returned to their rightful place all will be right with the world.

The Farm Animals:
All good for the most part - a constant source of amusement. The blue jays are still hanging around and I just saw a grouse slide across my front lawn in its belly - those feathers make one hell of a crazy carpet. Guinness truly hates the snow. Would like the snow to go away, she's such a delicate little creature. And I am horrible owner for taking her for walks in it. But she may get her wish - it's 4 degrees outside. Recently, we're dealing with a begging problem. We don't feed her people food but she's constantly underfoot when we're in the kitchen, hovering around the dining table and using that border collie stare if we eat something in the living room. Then there's the cat chasing. Not good at all. I'm at a bit of a loss at what to do. Perhaps my dummies book will have an answer.

Reading, Watching, Listening:
We just finished season two of Slings & Arrows. I'm about 3/4ths through the Dirt on Clean. & I'm looking forward to getting my flash drive back from Miss Terri, et al. with some new tunes for my listening pleasure. Hope she likes what I sent.

SCA: Still getting ready for Investiture & War Practice. Some fun things have fallen by the wayside so my real work wouldn't suffer but it's not a big deal. I'm in Montengarde next week so am of mind to stop in for their curia meeting.

I'm currently downloading a file for a presentation I have to do March 5th in Winnipeg. Gawd I hate dial up.... Otherwise it was productive week, my finished sales report being the greatest accomplishment.

Thinking on:
More & more wondering if I can get beyond my feelings of hurt & betrayal. Iam so not one to ignore emotions, it's not healthy, but mostly they are only a flash & forget. But lately these pop up when least expected and I'm concerned I'll say something I regret. There are few situations bringing this to the fore - not really huge issues - and all of them are being dealt with or beyond my control. But still...As much as I try to chance my perception of things, focus on the many good, there's still that sick to my stomach feeling that I hate.

Calgary, Investiture, Canmore, Winnipeg & War Practice. I'm thankful for the time I get to spend at home now.
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Me: on a pretty even keel. The good is pretty good and the bad is not so bad to negate the good.

The last trip: Just spent a few days last week up in E-town. Not a long but enough time to stop me from going stir crazy in the house. Happy to spend time with my friends. And get some stuff for my sales report. The weekend was spent not helping Tim – not doing much of anything really. Oh wait I remember, I played with new toys!! A stereo and iPod touch – happy music dance!!.

Health: Working on it.

The Farm:  Days are noticeably longer and as the temperatures rise the snow is melting. Thankfully not too fast as usually happens with Chinook winds, meaning our trees may benefit from the moisture. The laundry/Bathroom should be mudded and ready to paint next week. I won’t vacuum until all the mudding & sanding is finished.

The Farm Animals:  Have not filed any complaints.

Reading, Watching, Listening:  I finally finished “This is Your Brian on Music” well written, understandable and enjoyable. Now in the mail to Freewaydiva. Took a complete turn and started Confesssions of a Jane Austin Addict. Looking forward to watching the second season of Slings and Arrows. Also will reduce the time I spend listening to CBC Radio One until Nov. least I forget I live and Canada

SCA: Working on a bit of housekeeping – mostly missing reports & getting set for investiture.

Work: My laptop replacement arrived on Monday. Now that I have it set up as I want, it’s time to focus again on appointments, sales reports, marking catalogues and a thousand pittly little tasks.

Thinking on: Solar panels, more renovations, garden plans & setting a dinner plan for the rest of the month.Also what songs to put on Bert's Birthday CD. Suggestions welcome.

Upcoming: A few trips to Cow-town, investiture, Canmore, Winnipeg, War Practice.
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Me: Feeling less moody. My holidays are over. I'm so happy to be home but my mile-long list of things to do is hanging over my head. I really can't get started on anything until my office is clean. Note to self - clean office.... hmm, good idea.

The Last Trip: Location, location, location. And man, I was in some great locations. After the new year's excursion I had about 2 days turn around time before heading off to Van/Vic/12th Night. It was lovely being back on the coast. A bit emotional coming back to the first place I felt wholly me. Especially now, since I resigned myself to being a full fledge prairie girl. But in the end I would never regret where I am so I allowed myself to indulge in a bit of sentimentality (who me?)  It's a bit too "you can never come home again' the kinda thing that only really makes sense to me. (and covers a bit more than just leaving Victoria)

While the greenery, waves & memories were taking hold of my senses, I had a chance to hang with my darling friends - crazy cat lady (meaning cat was insane not the lady) who makes awesome breaky, Cheesecake girl & Steph with their beautiful little girl (hope she's moved beyond bananas now!), Linds with her healthy outlook & kick ass house, Kiwi with those boys who have all her sass and Dean's charm (thankfully the brains & good looks come from both sides), Daffyd with his touchstone advice and my peeps new and old at the event.

Speaking of the event!!! There were many moments of highlight but I have to say Billy & Kvigr were top. Ok, running around with Danika may not be forgotten anytime soon. Ok, the whole thing really just leaves me all warm and fuzzy. Managed to lose my voice from talking and singing. But. I? had a very good time. 

And no one killed. Very important to remember that.

(the only downside being my laptop & ipod going bye bye somewhere in Van. With many good songs and important files)

Health: I tell myself breathing is oh so important, critical even. Myself does not seem to believe me.

The Farm: In my head it's spring. The seed catalogues are arriving by the boat load. Jim Hole has a new magazine called Enjoy Gardening. And in my mind's eye my flower beds are starting to come to life and I am already weeding out those growing in the wrong place. In reality however, the backyard is war zone, showing the debris and chaos that only 90k winds can bring. Which leaves me inside, where my laundry/bathroom is still down to studs and my front room still shows the remains of the Christmas tree. Really should vacuum this weekend but will probably wait until after the drywalling is finished.
The Farm Animals: Ungrateful, insane, whiny, demanding little sh*ts. I think they missed me. :-)

Reading, Watching, Listening: Still reading "This is Your Brain on Music" as I didn't take it on the trip. How the man can make MRIs sound sexy is beyond me.... Freewaydiva - I'll send it soon. promise. As long as you promise never to scare me again.

SCA: Well. Some of you may be reading just to get to this point. Well, thawp. No joy for you. Actually I will say co-operation is a fine thing - very grateful for that.

Work: do not miss the laptop yet. They have a pretty good system that allows me remote access to almost everything except the inventory system. And for that I can call customer service. Another reason why I like my company. Right now, my main goal is to set my appointments and prepare my presentation. There's about half a dozen boxes of samples, give aways and materials I need to organize before my first trip which is in less than 2 weeks. It's going to be a busy few months but I'm really looking forward to it. If I plan things right there may even be some time to give my contact listings a much needed overhaul.

Thinking On: What goes well with bacon wrapped tenderloin...ok I did mean filet mignon, but see why did you have to go dirty there???

Upcoming: Iz not going 2 MG 12th Night. Iz staying home with boy. Road trips start again on the 29th. Saving fun for Investiture.

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Me: Slightly emotional this week. Understandable given the time of year but honestly I cried the whole plane ride home while watching a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie. A bit embarrassing. And y'know I really don't have time for this right now.

The Last Trip: Coronet in Cold Lake, Conference in TO and Conversing in Sudbury. All were great fun and highly memorable. Got to hang out with some of my favourite people & get to know some new cool friends. I'm pretty certain I made quite the impression in all cases - very amused.  But...The next time I rent a car during an Ontario winter I'm getting something BIG so I know what it feels like to be a jackass on the 401. On the other hand, it was beautiful drive home Sunday night from the Airport. Late night, fresh snow, clear sky, falling stars and a hot new jeep (bigger, faster, louder with better mileage).

Oh, in case those in the know were wondering..I haven't heard back from the hotel or visa about the bed yet so I think we dodge that bullet...

The Farm: Chilly & Snowy. The boy did a great job at keeping it clean while I was gone (even considering what a mess I left & the amount of holiday baking he did) so now I can get down to some major organization and hopefully renos! The boy has rediscovered his obsession with Star Wars which has resulted in all sorts of new toys around my house. He has way more money now to spend than his 8 year old self  did and it shows.

The Farm Animals: Winter is the time for thick fur coats & cuddling.

Reading Watching Listening: Ok, as much as I mocked the Hallmark film for making me cry, they are a guilty pleasure for me over the holidays as are the Christmas themed sappy romance novels. So for the next month I'm indulging. This perchance for holiday sentimentality will be balanced by constant renditions of Ben Folds' Bizarre Christmas Incident and Billy May's Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer Mambo. HAARRRRK??!!

The SCA: Progressing nicely. Really looking forward the next few months (12th night!!) and to working with the next coronets. Nothing has gone boom recently although I handled something badly which resulted in hurt feelings and I will fix that.

Work: Lots of work to do before the holidays, but definitely making progress. Pretty impressed with the Summer 08 list. Next year will be a fun year in the industry.

Thinking On:
The many different types of people who read this thing...odd...

Upcoming:  Have decided to hold off on going up to E-town until next week, I'll miss Bert, tavern & Yule but my sanity will thank me for it. That does not mean it will be a lazy week for me around the house. Far from it. Tomorrow, I'm in the hat for Kalends, the next day Taber for blood tests & then Friday back in the hat to pick up a tree.  We'll decorate all weekend then I'm in the hat again on Monday for the Holiday train. Wednesday it's Taber for my doctor's appointment then Edmonton and finally Calgary on the weekend for Grandma's 80th. 
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