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I've mentioned this to some of you but just as a reminder. There's a really cool demo happening in Brooks -

Troubadours du Bois is performing (from Myrgan Wood) and there will be lots of fighting etc. I'm hoping to have a BBQ in Hays afterwards since we're just 1/2 hour south.  I also have crash space. Drop me a note if anyone is interested in coming.

From the Rhuddglyn Mailing list:


Here is the information that I have for the Brooks Medieval Faire.

For those new to the group the Brooks Public Library and the Household
of Wyverns Veldt will be hosting the 5th Annual Brooks Medieval Faire.
The Faire is held on the library grounds and in Evergreen Park in Brooks.

Date: Saturday July 26, 2008

The theme for this year's Faire is Dragons.

Times are from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm

Fighting will at 11:00 am and 1:30pm (the same as last year).

12 Noon Squires in Training (Parents must sign a waiver.)

3:45 Catapult Demo

If there any questions I can be reached at or by
phone. Our number is unlisted but is on the current phone list.


Rhiannon of Beaumaris

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Is it weird to describe a coronet as a nice relaxing laidback event? Well, thankfully it was. Just the type of event I needed after not attending one in so long. There were so many highlights, little personal bits that just made the long trip worth it. 

So now I'm very excited for what's ahead. Next up!! T&A War!!! 
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I hate verbose, arrogant people. You want me to help you? Then don't talk to me social injustices of how your kind have been treated and how you think the sca should be - I will tune you out (so will many others I know). The SCA is not perfect but it will never be just _your_idea of what it should be. As autocrat, I am more than happy to provide a venue for your activity but damn if your email didn't almost get trashed. Preaching is not an effective way to get people on your side, my friend. Enthusiasm is. 

Oh and don't ignore the advice given you, especially if you come to them for approval. If someone says you should make sure all parties involved are on board, then do it. Don't announce it then say they can veto the idea if they want to. 

And now.....

I must go drink wine......

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