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So here's a little sentiment to lift your holiday spirits.  While the boy & I were chatting this morning (read - joking about whose idea it was to start renovations this close to Christmas again) I mentioned that in just a few short hours we'll be officially on holidays to which Tim replies:

"So I can work somewhere I'm not getting paid....

doing something I'm not educated to do.....

where I can potentially cut my fingers off......


Actually, the reno is going fairly well. The old dry wall is down in the bathroom and tonight we'll tackle the laundry room. Santa brought us an few early presents to help - a new circular saw & new drill. We did the last few jobs with cordless tools - it was definitely time to upgrade.

Tomorrow we'll be tearing up the subfloors (yep you read right - plural) then hiking it to Taber to pick up some more plywood and any plumbing stuff we may need.  Since we already had the drywall, tiles, toilet & sink, this go round really doesn't seem to be costing too much.

Still haven't figured out a paint colour yet. The tiles are bluish gray and the fixtures are white. We have cans of green, brown & grey downstairs they might be useful. I keep asking for purple just because the boy early on forbade me to paint any room purple. It's not that I really want it but it's fun to see him cringe.

Well, enough of the procrastination. My goals today are to finish the lamb stew, clean up my work email, tidy my office, set up a bed for guests in the sewing room and make room in the basement to bring in the drywall. Given how much coffee I've consumed so far I'll be done in a hour.

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