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Well, it Friday night, almost time to knock off work. I’m having an early dinner to watch season 5 of As Time Goes By and finish off some work email (downloading as I type.) I must say I make a fantastic lamb stew. Not to mention the homemade bread.

Visitors are showing up tonight, which forced me to vacuum, etc. All stuff that was very much needed. Just a bit more laundry, dishes and making the beds to complete today’s to do list. That surprises me actually – thought it would take much longer than this. Perhaps I’ll have time for a lovely bath……

The boy is working late once again. He’s teaching a class for the Alberta Museum Association (AMA) and then trying to finish an exhibit for the “Shoe & Tell.” It’s a dinner/fashion show hosted by the museum as a tie in to the “Heights of Fashion” exhibit. People are supposed to bring in their shoes and tell a story about them. Mom & I are making a date of it. Problem is the dinner is on Sept 19, the Friday while he’s on holidays. And his holidays are for fixing up the dug out and other winter prep around the house. So we’ll be cutting our work on the farm short. Oh well.

On a related note, we went out for dinner last night with a few of people from the AMA and I came home with a new cousin. Turns out one of the women is the granddaughter of my grandmother’s brother. We were at the same family reunion in 1990. Kinda cool.

Now for the downside. Went out for lunch with my mom. My father, who’s been retired for the past 3 years, is bored, getting old & getting ornery. All day, everyday, he watches TV and cleans the house. He’s been picking fights and threatening to leave mom for silly things like putting her shoes in the wrong spot. Apparently, there’s nothing physically wrong, although dad never tells the doctor anything really. So the diabetes, excess weight, lack of activity and boredom is just gonna get worse. I told mom to speak to his doctor directly but I have half a mind to walk into their house and start telling dad to get off his arse. Go golfing, rejoin the hockey hounds, do something. UGH

Perhaps after this week.

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