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I? should not be allowed to spend any time with my family. I always end up spending lots of money....

Today is my father's b-day. So during our lovely lunch the subject of my jeep comes up. My father was the one who sold it to me so I keep him updated on the many KMs I've logged & how it's running.  180,000kms, needs new tires and I only have 16 payments left.

Well, (mom pipes up) why don't you trade it in now?

hmmmm...... can't say I haven't thought of it but as we kept talking, the more I liked the idea. So we head over to Jackson (the dealership my daddy used to work at) and spend a good hour or so droolling over the 2008 jeeps.

Would have taken longer but  I left the jeep at home for this road trip. Very lucky I did since I can't make any major decisions without it. As it stands, we still did a quick appraisal with Shawn and with all my required options (standard trans, tow package, stereo, sun roof) I might be looking at a factory built.

BUT I still have to decided between a Liberty, Wrangler, Patriot & Compass!!!  Right now the Liberty's winning. Although the Compass and Patriot have smaller engines and better mileage. The Wrangler well - that's just a fun toy. I also looked the Nitros but a lot of my friends have 'em. We'll see....

So yea, new jeep for me. Yet another example of me being spoiled.

On the downside they don't have the spare tire on the back anymore. Which means I can't use my tire cover.

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