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After a very productive day at work yesterday, which included a great conversation with my boss, I got a bit ambitious. 4:30pm found me clearing out the bed and stuff from the spare bedroom and tearing out carpet. It was the first time I worked on the room since tearing off the hideous flower wall paper in late 2004 (it would have been cruel to have our friends sleep in the room with those flowers and the pink carpet to match). 

So now the pink carpet's almost all gone - just one last remaining strip in the hallway. That was the easy bit, pick up the edges that were being held by boards poked through with nails points upwards to catch and hold the carpet, then pull.  It was quite filthy but not as bad as what was under it... a high pile grey shag carpet that had absorbed lifetimes of grim. Now, this carpet was glue to the underlay which is very much glued to the subfloor. 

So with about an hour of tugging, prying off with a crowbar and scraping with a floor scraper, less then half of the carpet was still attached and I was pooped. Finally managed to get it pulled up and tossed out this morning, just in time to haul it to the dump.  I figure that was one of the major jobs of the room and rest is easy peasy. Scrap the ceiling (cause I hate popcorn and the floor scraper works well in it), fix, prime and paint the walls, and install new floor.  

But that won't be this weekend because A) I don't have any Kilz to prime the walls and B) it's gorgeous outside and I'm so far behind on the yard work. The to-do list is huge - I won't even try to get into it here but let 's just say there's lots of hard work ahead. yipee! ta ta

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