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I'm in need of a break. It's the boy's birthday. He's stuck at the museum and I'm trying finish price checks. Not an easy job considering how often our book prices have changes due to the loonie.  So while I wait and try to ignore work for a bit I'm baking bread. For the first time. with quick rising yeast. Hopefully it will be done by the time the boy gets home.

There was a "sorta" break over lunch when I went outside to dig up the potatoes.  It was muddy and some of the crop was lost to a some critter - probably the mouse that was chattering at me from the pumpkin patch. Still, after gathering a few buckets, I'm wonderfully pleased with the whole "I made this" idea.  Hence the bread.

Yeah, I'm in a bit of a nesting mode - all domesticated and stuff. We're trying very hard to maintain a budget, clean out the freezers and  This week, I made chicken stock and lamb stew (burned my arm in the process.) Still have to can the tomatoes. Make sauce or something.

Autumn is the time for such things, right? Well, it's also the time for our Rhuddglyn event - this Saturday. But I'm only going for the day because the boy has to work & we have to work on the dugout that evening - must get as much work on it as we can before the month's end.

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& tomorrow is a full moon, a flower moon  - simply named because of the many flowers in bloom this time of year. And let me tell you they are a blooming. Anemones, Violas, Bacopa 


Yesterday was a fabulous hard working day - Jumping back and forth between the computer and outside. I'm partly though reformating an excel file that contains all the titles for my company - something like 17,000.  The list was originally on word and no one in head office could figure out how to get into excel in a usable format - not even the IT guys. Well I did it. Macros are my friend.  

However, it's pretty damn nice outside and the garden is calling. There were thousands of dandelions when I got home from Toronto (can't turn your back on them a bit the dirtly little buggers....) so I plucked and sprayed with vinagar throughout the morning yesterday.  By the afternoon, the main parts of the lawn were under control. A quick zip with a weed wacker to trim the edges and I was pretty pleased with the park like appearance.

It was then time to put plants into the ground. Planted the Clematis, a climbing rose, a bush rose, hostas and more perennials. I also did a ton of laundry, got the soaker hoses into the flowerbeds, the water hose hangers up (it's fun to drill into brick!) and the new umbrella placed just in time to sit and relax in the early evening sun. A friend stopped by to talk about site tokens for coronet. All in all a nice day.

Today and for the rest of the weekend I only have 4 goals - finish the excel file, plant my veggie garden, finish the signs for coronet and help Caius finalize the arrangement for the tourney. He's having trouble getting a hold of the person who is supposed to help so we're the ones who have to herd the cats.....

Well, guess I should go start, the dog is snoring now but she has been waiting patiently to go outside. I'm actually a bit concerned about her. She's been very good these past couple of weeks, so I've been letting her off leash more often when I'm outside. This means she's running a lot. All well and good - that what border collies do and it helps her sleep but more often then not now she's having trouble getting her back end up the stairs. She even fell out of the jeep when she couldn't jump in completely. That so must of hurt - landing on the trailer hitch like that. Oh well, guess I just have to keep an eye on her.  3 years old and already an old lady. poor thing....

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