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So I'm spending the afternoon making Gumbo (for war practice - ...sweet tasting...) and listening to Miss Terri's Playlist.  The first thought to cross my mind is that most of it would make for a great party. I mean "Where's your Head at?" followed by Bay City Rollers?  Ya hear it and it totally makes sense.

The thought of a party gets me back to the July long weekend. Ok. Not really a long weekend & not really in July since Canada Day is a Tuesday.  BUT it's been in my brain for while to have a wee little gathering at the Hays house. For my graduation, we went a some farm somewhere and danced and drank until dawn. And after the wedding we held out here, I've wanted to bring y'all down and do the same. All of ya, friends, family....Since this year nothing nearby is on the go it's the perfect time (my look at the calendars says nothing is happening - the US long weekend the next week right?) Originally, my vision included a band but I would want to sing (and have my friends sing too) which would have meant practicing and being prepared and ugh. Since preparing a playlist and sound system is much easier, that is the plan.  And that makes this whole thing much more likely to happen.

SO! Those of you who need something to celebrate, something to do or an excuse to get out of the house. Last weekend in June.  That Saturday. the 28th. Dancing, drinking & eating under the stars. There's tons of room for camping, here & and in town. I'm gonna chat with the restaurant about food (they do a great Sunday brunch!) and there's a community hall if it rains.  All in all - pretty doable. Mark your calendars. I'll keep y'all updated.

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