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Our needs were simple - we wanted a dog. A good dog to play with. Hopefully a dog I could take on work trips or to events. Guinness is a good dog. She doesn't destroy the house, knows how to play dead and to put her toys away.  And while she's barking right now (probably at the skunk I smell  or the thunder) she is usually quiet. She, however, is not a good traveler.

There is much panic, scratching and nashing of teeth. When we first picked up Guinness we tried a doggie seatbelt. She faught it until it tore into her skin & finally broke. We have 2 plastic kennels - both with broken hinges and blood all over (but washed out). The second one was only used twice. We have used her metal wire kennel but she managed to break the welds in her anxiety. Last year, we tried travel pills (ginseng) which worked a bit - only 20 mins of panic but that stopped working after awhile. In fact, the last batch gave her a cough.

The last time I picked her up from the kennel, she spent most of the time trying to crawl into my lap, under the steering wheel, kicking me out of gear and into four wheel drive, drooling and shedding hair all over.  (Anyone who has let me hold their babies know I am not good with drool. It took all my strength not to throw up while driving)

Now, ideally when the boy and I go away it would be nice to leave her here. But we don't know anyone in Hays that well so no one can come stay with her so it's off to the kennel. One hour away in the hat.

We have 3 trips planned this summer - Fernie, Quad & Investiture. So for the past little while I've been taking short safe drives with her. No real improvement. Time to call the vet.  She has suggested Gravol. But if that doesn't work & I'm not hopeful, on Monday I get to pick up puppy tranquilizers. My heart breaks at the thought of putting our girl out for 8 hours just so we can run off and have a good weekend but.....

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