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Time for yearly vaccinations. My initial thought was to trap all three of them in the bathroom, then sneak in and scoop them all into their carriers. Only one really liked that idea so I had to chased the other two around house for a bit. Still, got them buckled into the car and on the road in time to make the vet's appointment. What does one do when one is driving with 3 cats screaming as loud as they can...put on Cure's love cats! sing it boys! 

Anyways.... this weekend was a great show of productivity. This week not so much. Some paperwork done and I did get to watch The Thief Lord (which I loved - unfortunate it was only released on DVD - it would have done well in Canadian theatres). It's based on a book by one of the authors my company publishes - ok not just any author, rather our best selling author, Cornelia Funke.  If you have kids, read her books. If you don't have kids, read her books!

Ahh the sun's about to come up. It's been raining, which is ok since the garden is ready for it but the soupy skies are not so invigorating. Perhaps now I'll get some work done. Have to finish my sales report and plant some okra seeds. 

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