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Well, I admit it. I walked into that one. Yesterday, I was ahead, winning. Even the boy took some time off from the dugout last night. Today? We're still waiting on that verdict.

Now don't get me wrong. It's not like things went in the sh*tter after yesterday's post. But somehow the universe decided I didn't have enough to do. So it gave me a spetic tank problem a bit more complicated than we expected and invited my parents over for dinner tonight.

I managed to dig down to the outtake pipe and find where it joined up to the tank. Also found lots of tree roots but not where they were breaking into the pipe and clogging things up. We had hoped to find a section that could be simply cut out & replaced. Now it looks as though the roots are growing into the tank through the same opening as the pipe. Somehow we have to get a look inside the pipe see to where the breakage is or remove the whole pipe. Or we just ignore the whole thing. grrrr...

Then last night, my mother finally managed to catch me on the phone. Apparently today is international family dine together day. :-) This would have been more plausible if she hadn't made it world wide - I can believe a national day - it seems like a canadian thing to do. So understanding that mom just misses me, I said took pity on her. And honestly, I like having them out here.

Now I'm making a pork roast & more bread. Thank goodness for slow cookers.

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