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I'm happy to report the Grumpy Bird event was a wonderful success yesterday. After 2 hours of signings, we had only 3 books left and a ton of happy kids & parents. Jeremy is a wonderful author to work with. He does little drawings for each autograph & chats with everyone who comes along, sharing little stories about how the book came to be. It helps that he's cute. I'm so happy I went. The store owner had a super busy day with 3 book events and a wedding and really appreciated the help.

After the event, the boy and I went to Father Murphy's for lunch, working up the energy to start the holiday shopping spree at chinook & our search for a new coffee maker. While it was great fun being in a mall all done up for Christmas, we really didn't buy anything. Not at all happy with the choices of coffee makers and will have to suffer with the crappy cheap one a little longer. Shopping came to a complete halt when I standing in line to purchase some books for Dad and the wall behind the cash registers started shifting sideways. Now, I've been having dizzy spells for about 3 months but none like this. Definitely time to sit down. So can't wait until the doctor's appointment, next month.

Anyways, after a bit of a rest, we still wanted some dinner so we trekked over to the Black Swan and settled into a lovely table next to a nice cozy fireplace (got to watch some hockey!) Overall, a very nice finish to a very nice day.

The trip home consisted of running through the AM dial to pick up all the interesting radio programs from the US & little naps (by who ever wasn't driving of course). Made it back to the farm around 9 pm and promptly went to bed, not to awaken until 8am this morning. Wow! It's so exhausting being in the big city.

Today has a slightly guilty feeling to it. I should be outside picking up the rest of the leaves. But it's cold & windy and I'm still sick. AND there's football. SO, the plan is to do some sewing, housework & work work then hopefully the weather is nice enough tomorrow to get outside done.
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Time for yearly vaccinations. My initial thought was to trap all three of them in the bathroom, then sneak in and scoop them all into their carriers. Only one really liked that idea so I had to chased the other two around house for a bit. Still, got them buckled into the car and on the road in time to make the vet's appointment. What does one do when one is driving with 3 cats screaming as loud as they can...put on Cure's love cats! sing it boys! 

Anyways.... this weekend was a great show of productivity. This week not so much. Some paperwork done and I did get to watch The Thief Lord (which I loved - unfortunate it was only released on DVD - it would have done well in Canadian theatres). It's based on a book by one of the authors my company publishes - ok not just any author, rather our best selling author, Cornelia Funke.  If you have kids, read her books. If you don't have kids, read her books!

Ahh the sun's about to come up. It's been raining, which is ok since the garden is ready for it but the soupy skies are not so invigorating. Perhaps now I'll get some work done. Have to finish my sales report and plant some okra seeds. 

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