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Day 4. Saturday - Paris & Chartres )

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This is a long and detailed account of our trip - well the first few days at least. I'm already starting to forget stuff so I will definitely get to the remaining days soon. Basically, there was a ton of walking, many museums and a lot beer (when in Belgium....)

And of course there are pictures. The first batch have been uploaded (but not labeled yet) to my gallery. Tim has yet to develop his.
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Me: My sanity & my house thanked me for staying home this weekend. I can't imagine trying to do everything today. Although I do know what kind of fun I missed so hopefully I'll get to see some pics soon.

The Farm: In very good shape even though Sunday was the only decent day to be outside. There just 2 areas still covered in leaves and the flower beds are cleaned. A bit of greenery popping up already - flax, sedum, phlox (invasive pain in the bottom!), columbine, catmint and  anemone. Nothing needs divided right now but there are a few plants I am concerned about which may need some TLC when I return.  The seedlings may be ready to move outside by then but that relies on renting a sod lifter and picking a trailer load of dirt to extend the beds. Yes, I have a plan... As for inside the house? I finally washed the floors and tackled the basement which still had the remnants from the reno - sawdust, cutoffs and the like.

The Farm Animals: Losing their winter coats at an alarming rate. Perhaps the kennel will take pity on us & give Guinness a bath. Mom's already been told she's not allowed to take Muse in for a haircut, or buy them a new scratch pad.

SCA:  Reporting time. Not sure when I'll be out to play again. Today I'm finishing an article for the newsletter on branch websites. People have been wonderful in helping me on that.

Work: On holidays until the 21st.  which reminds me to change my voicemail.  The trip to Jasper has been nixed due to silliness but that leaves a bit of time to stop in Calgary & Edmonton to check up on accounts before I head to Toronto in May (and before fiscal year end!!).

Reading, Watching, Listening: Still reading & loving Lies of Locke Lamora, have enjoyed the recent airplay of the Juno nominees but didn't get to watch the awards on TV. :-( 

Thinking on: I'm trying to ignore the desire to work in the garden. Too early.

Upcoming:  Belgium!!! The basic itinerary is set. We leave tomorrow night, stop over in London, Arrive I think Wednesday afternoon. My first overseas flight and I'm slightly nervous.  We drive directly to Ieper, where Tim heads to museum on Thursday to hopefully unpack the artifact. (read more about it!) I'm thinking I'll jump on a train to Kortrijk.

If all goes well, we will have the Saturday onward free to ourselves. We'll wake up early, drive into France, stop for breaky and catch the train into Paris, stopping at the National Museum of the Middle Ages. After dinner, we'll drive to Chartres to spend the night. Sunday  we'll head up to Bayeux & follow the Norman coast back to Belgium.  No plans for the rest of the week. So very cool!!

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