Mar. 28th, 2010

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Ok just to start – because I would really love to get all the details down the time but that will take some time.

Itinerary: 13 days….London 3 nights, Bath 1 night, Cardiff, Pembroke (for the ferry - very late at night), Wexford, Waterford, Cork 1 night , Dublin 3 nights, Holyhead, Chester, York 2 nights, London then home.

Weather – Sunny, bit cloudy, only 3 days of rain.

Modes of transportation: Plane, Train, Subway, Buses, two ferries and what seemed like a fortnight of walking. My feet were dying at day one. I bought 2 pairs of shoes to lessen the pain somewhat. I’m just about perfect for such an excursion now.

Museums, etc: V&A, Garden Museum, Thames boat tour London, British, Roman Baths, Cardiff Castle, Waterford Treasures – with cool Viking stuff, Guinness Brewery, Temple Bar, Trinity College & Book of Kells, Phoenix Park, Dublin Zoo, The GPO, Barley Hall, Clifford’s Castle, York Castle Museum, York Brewery, Roman bath in York, York walking tour.

Shopping: York was the best where I got a Kipling Purse and Tim picked up a new hat and scarf. I also made friends with a bookseller who specializes in architecture and garden history there. Yes, she ships to Canada. The gift shops weren’t as good as we hoped but we still came home with a few nice books and trinkets.

Pubs….I have a list somewhere… Let’s just say the subtitle to this whole trip is now The World’s Longest Pub Crawl. Cork was the most fun when others started buying us drinks. For those not in the know…Cask ales rock. We also ate a lot of Italian food. The BEST-evah!!! tomato sauce can be found in a little Italian place next to the Kilmainham Jail above the Patriot Inn. They wouldn’t give me the recipe.

Hotels: Lovely. Very glad we sucked it up and sprung for the expensive Hilton in Dublin. It had a hot tub. My feet loved me.

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