Dec. 1st, 2009

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From [ profile] ya_inga

List the names of up to ten bands you

a) least suspect your f-list has heard of BUT that

b) you actually actively listen to on a regular basis. This is not a “show how many obscure band you know of”. You have to have listened to them within the past two months to qualify.

nyra's picks...
Underworld - Discovered them originally in grade 9. Seriously before they hit their Techno phase.
Ruby Blue - Scottish Band. Have worn through 3 copies of their CD in 5 years.
Philosopher Kings - I love that soul jazzy stuff, precursor to Joss Stone.
New Pronographers - especially with Neko Case.
Joe Grass - Picked up his CD after seeing him play at Stuart McLean concert. Easy blue grass. Young kid, young voice but so much emotion.
Shaye - a trio from the maritimes - Kim Stockwell, Damhnait Doyle, Tara McLean. Got the CD a few years ago for Christmas from Tim and it has a kick ass version of Crash Vegas' On and On
Barney Bental and the Legendary Hearts - He has a new career as a country star and recently a new album. But I love his early stuff. Saw him in concert for my 18th b-day...a long time ago...
Katie Melua - it's a good restaurant experience when I rush to my ipod, not even waiting to get home, to down load the music they were playing. Each and every song she does is good.
Ella - I do so love to sing along with Ella.
Beth Orton - She's kinda a smokier version of Neko Case

Mind you.. what I listen to at home is totally different than what's in the car.

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