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All British Museum, All the time. Even had lunch at the Museum Tavern. Tim was giddy over the 10 or so pieces from the Staffordshire Hoard. But we both cringed over the use of "Dark Ages." Now maybe it's our interest and involvement in the museum industry but really we thought we were beyond this term. Anyways.. what really caught our hearts was the Art Fund appeal. They were raising money to keep the hoard in Britain with a deadline of sometime in April. Now I'm happy to report that their goal has been reached. Britain will keep the hoard and they are now on their way to raising the funds for conservation. Sometimes what is good, happens.

After the whole day at one of the coolest museums in the world, we trekked over to the White Hart in Drury Lane, the oldest licensed premises in London. It was wee as one may expect. That was the start of the evening's crawl, the Nags Head in Covent Garden came next, then the White Lion (right across the street) and finally the Field which as you can guess is somewhere I don't remember.

Day four started with breaky at our now favourite bakery (pain au choc & mocha, tres yum.) Got my "I miss my animals" fix with the little puppy also there for breaky. It's funny. I saw very few cats the entire trip (including a black one when we didn't have time to visit in York - trying to make the last brewery tour at York Brewery) and many of the dogs we saw weren't interested in free pettings. By day 10 I was having serious homesickness for the animals. But I digress...

After breakfast, we headed from Earl's Court to Paddington Station and caught the train to Bath. We went through Reading (squeeees for those of us who know AIH!!)  At Bath we checked into the Badminton Villa, a B&B up the hill from the city centre. The room was quaint (enormous compared to the EasyHotel) with a gorgeous view of the city.  There was a bay window with chairs and a tea tray. We almost did not leave.

Still, we were there to see the Roman Baths, plus I was staving so we hit the Grapes - That was the extent of our St Patrick's celbration- with only one Guinness.

Aquae Sulis was really cool. Pictures don't do it justice but they have done a good job of displaying the archeological findings. Unfortunately, the majority of information was given by audio tour. It turns out that Tim & I don't enjoy audio tours. It hinders our ability to talk, muse, mock. We tend to enjoy museums in different ways; Tim has very specific things that interest him and he will read every detail provided. I like to look. I look at everything, reading only the basics of those I like. And those things I really like I look at for a long time. Tim often points out what he's read, things I've missed. So we talk a lot. And I think that had we the chance to talk during the tour we would have been out of there sooner. Not a bad thing really since but it did mean we missed the Bath Abbey. Thus we hit the Huntsman for a pint & to gather up what to do next. This pub is right on the river and apparently floods often - there were some great pictures to prove it :-) 

When we finished there, everything else except restaurants were closed. So once again, we walked. And walked. Bath is a strangely modern city. Not that I should be surprised - it did get hit fairly hard during WWII but I guess since we were focused on the Roman history I wasn't totally prepared for the newness. Anyway, after walking, we ended up in a lovely restaurant called the Green Park. The food was great and just as we were finishing a Jazz trio started up, with those classy classics I love, so we stuck around to listen before heading back to the hotel. 
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